Prestretch film

Prestretch film is an excellent alternative to traditional stretch films and a great substitution. It is appreciated by customers mainly for reducing costs of pallet protection by up to 40%. The film is available in manual and machine versions – you can use it using a mechanical wrapper.

The prestretch film is made of the highest quality raw materials, thanks to which it perfectly protects the load on pallets, but it is also great for wrapping. The film is pre-stretched, thanks to which it maintains its tensioning force, creating an optimal protection. In addition, the pre stretch film is extremely flexible and has retention strength. Thanks to these two features, the film adheres perfectly to the wrapped goods, facilitates its transport, but also storage and what is important – it can be used to wrap any irregular paletts, with various goods.

As already mentioned – the film is also available in the manual version. Due to the low weight of the roll and the lightness of the film, its use is extremely simple and requires less stforce to apply. Packing requires less strength and energy, but what is important, there is no need to strongly stretch the film on the goods on the pallets.

Pre-stretch film is extremely light and all this thanks to the fact that it is thinner than traditional stretch film. Despite this, its pull force is much higher than in the case of commonly used films. It is also important that the film maintains its high tensile strength even at the moment of strong load stresses, which quite often take place during transport. Thanks to the pre stretch film, you can be sure that the goods on the pallet are stable.

At the beginning we mentioned that the pre-stretch film allows to reduce the costs of pallet protection by up to 40%. Thanks to it, the load securing is done only by making the required number of wraps – 20-30% less than with traditional stretch. Considering the fact that the thickness of the film is smaller and that a smaller number of wraps is required, the amount of used film per one pallet is reduced by up to half. This allows not only to reduce packaging costs, but also costs of recycling. In addition, the use of pre-stretched film does not require the use of expensive machines with stretching systems. It is also worth mentioning that thanks to the smaller amount of waste, the pre-stretch film takes care of the environment and saves natural resources.