Packing machines


Pallet wrapping machines are used for packaging automation using stretch film.

The use of wrappers brings a number of benefits:

– Simple and intuitive operation

– Precision and accuracy in the packaging process

– Reduction of the costs of the film consumption – the machine uses less film for packaging thanks to the controlled pre-stretching function

– Increasing the efficiency of the packaging process – the ability to set the required parameters so that the wrapping process is much shorter than manual wrapping, with the possibility of using the employee’s time for other activities, such as eq. delivering another pallet

– Repeatability of packaging – wrapping with machine allows you to maintain the same packing method for a particular type of cargo, and standardization makes it easier to store and transport goods

– Time saving – high speed of the wrapping machine results in fast and trouble-free packing.

– Stability of the load – wrapper, thanks to the adjustment allows you to adjust the packaging method to different loads in a reliable manner and guarantees stability of the load on the pallet, and thus minimizes the risk of damage to loads

We offer sales, but also rental of packaging machines for a shorter or longer period.

With a packaging machine you can save more than you think … Are you sure that when you wrap your goods manually, your employees stretch the film to the limits, which allows to achieve large savings? The machine does it for them every time thanks to its setting options.

If you buy a film or a machine from us, we will adapt it for your needs, you do not have to care whether you use a proper film fitted to the machine, we will do it for you. Remember that the stretch film has a dozen or so other values that affect your savings and the quality of packing the goods!

Rental of packaging machines is an ideal solution for customers that specialize in production of seasonal vegetables and fruits. The main reason is that the cost of rental is just a few percent of the value of the machine. The purchase of a professional machine would cause that in the remaining months, off-season, it would be unproductively stored.

When you are not sure of the future of your business.

If you decide to rent a packaging machine, you can change your business profile at any time without care about having a useless machine park. Of course, when you start your business, you do not assume that you will close it or change its profile, but it is worth being insured just in case.

This is also the way to test the device

Do you want to decide to buy a packaging machine, but would you prefer to test it before and check whether it will be appropriate for your business profile? If you decide to rent, you can test the machine and after making a final decision you can order it and be sure that you have made the right choice.

This solution to the problem of downtime in your company.

Rental of packaging machine is also the way to solve the problem of downtime associated with the failure of your machine. When sending machine for repair, you do not always have the option of receiving a replacement. By choosing to rent, you can be sure that your company will run continuously until the device returns.

Rental of packaging machines – why is it advantageous?

Packing goods of all kinds, using appropriately adapted film, allows not only for tight and rigid packaging, but above all allows you to protect them against damage to which goods are exposed during transport. Having your own packaging machine is of course the best solution, but sometimes it is also beneficial to take advantage of the rental offer of the packaging machine. When should you consider this option? During seasonal production

You will rent a packing machine for 1 PLN / month. Details–, tel 577630350