Heat shrink wrap

Heat-shrinking film is the best solution, guaranteeing tight and rigid packaging of confectioned products. The heat-shrink film allows you to combine goods into packages. And all thanks to the fact that the film shrinks, and therefore completely adheres to the packaged goods. Heat-shrinking film means that there is no need for additional packaging of products in cardboard boxes. It perfectly shrinks at a relatively low temperature of approx. 80-120 degrees Celsius. It is a material not only simple to use, but cheap. It is worth mentioning its other properties. Its decisive advantage is the fact that it protects the goods against negative external factors such as water, sun rays, dirt or dust. In addition, the film protects the products from any mechanical damage. The polyolefin heat-shrinkable film can be used for contact with food.

In our offer, you will find a shrink foil tailored to your needs. We offer film:

  • PE, which is used in bulk packaging. Due to the fact that it is rigid, durable and transparent it is also easy to use,
  • PVC, which is designed to pack products of low weight and small size,
  • polyolefin, which is ideally suited for packaging promotional packages, books, cosmetics, food and stationery, pet bottles and plastic products.

In our offer, PE shrink film is available in a sleeve, half-sleeve or tape, PVC film in the form of a roll and a polyolefin film in the form of a half-sleeve, tape and roll. All types of films are available in various thicknesses, widths and lengths.

The foil is available in a transparent version, although it printable in many colors – you can put on it your company’s logo or the necessary information about the product.

Why choose a shrink wrap?

The product packed in shrink wrap is fixed, so it can not move inside the package. It is a perfect solution to ensure a specific position during transport, storage or presentation in the store. However, it is necessary to choose the right type of film for the packed goods. As an example, we can consider a collective package of mineral water and other beverages. Bottles wrapped in heat-shrinkable foil are tightly compressed, which allows to carry several pieces at once. It can also be used in other industries, such as the wood industry – ideally suited to packing furniture components or doors or briquette,s or in the logistics, allowing appropriate protection of cargo before shipping – not only will facilitate transport, but also protect the goods against damage.

Thickness um od 25 do 200
Tolerance (average deviation) % +/- 10 from the nominal thickness
Weight tolerance % +/- 10 from the desired weight
Half sleeve length mm depending on the width and weight
The length of the tape mm depending on the width and weight
Specific weight g/cm3 0,93
Tolerance for length % +/- 5
Half-sleeve width mm od 250 do 2400
The width of the tape mm od 200 do 2100
Shift the edge of the film from the folded side mm not more than 10 (for half sleeve)
Shift of the edge of the film mm not more than 5mm (for tape)
Tolerance for width mm -/+5
Contractility % 60% longitudinal – 40% transverse
Tolerance to shrinkage % +/- 10
Working temperature °C od 150 do 210
Gloss % 91
Blur % 5,2
Storage storage temperature from 5 to 20 ° C.
Weight tolerance % +/- 10 from the desired weight
Properties / Thickness
DENSITY g/cm3 0,92
EFFICIENCY m 2 / Kg 120 91 73 58 44
SHRINK 93°C 32 22 22 22 20
SHRINK 120°C 75 55 55 55 50
GLOSS 85° % / BLUR % 120-2 120-2,5 120-2,5 120-2,5 120-2,5
Moving water vapor WVTR g/m2/24hr 35°/95% 30 17 15 12 9
Oxygen permeation O2 Perm./1000 cm3/m2/24hr 20 16 14 10 8
WELDING TIME 200°C 0,01 0,3 0,3 0,4 0,6
TAPE FERTILIZER m 4200 3100 2500 2000 1500
FERTILIZER MOOD m 2100 1550 1250 1000 750
WIDE LENGTH Tape 200 – 1600
Half-sleeve 200 – 850
Thickness um 12 15 18 20 25 30
Coil (half-sleeve) m 850 750 650 550 450 400
Coil (tape) m 1700 1500 1300 1100 900 800
Density g/cm3 1,2 – 1,3
The width of the film mm From 200 to 1200
Contractility % 35×35
Working temperature C From 80C to 125C