Silage – Agricultural film


The preparation of high-quality animal food requires the use of professional solutions. The food preparation process itself is extremely complicated – each subsequent stage plays a huge role and requires proper treatment –  at the stage of cultivation or maintenance. The use of proper solutions allows not only to efficiently pass the silage production process, but also allows to accelerate and facilitate work. In addition, the use of professional solutions allows you to increase the quality of food.

We recommend, therefore, silage film, which is an indispensable article in the process of producing animal food. This film is characterized by high wrapping parameters, thanks to the fact that it is made only from the highest quality safe materials.

The offered silage film can be used to pack bales, protect the food against external factors, store food in safe conditions, but also as an aid in maintaining the natural properties of fodder.


The silage film, as already mentioned, is made of high quality materials, thanks to which it is resistant to moisture, cold and UV radiation. The offered film is one-side adhesive, easy to stretch and multi-layered and therefore extremely durable. It is important that this film can be used in most types of agricultural wrappers.

In our assortment, you will find silage film coming only from proven and reputable producers, thanks to which you gain the certainty of proper protection against external factors. Additionally, the bales wrapped with it do not stick together, they are properly secured, but they are also stabilized.

Depending on your needs, we offer silage film in various variants, with different number of layers. However, the most popular are white silage films, which are used in the late spring, summer and early autumn periods when the air temperature is high. In periods when the temperature is lower, it is recommended to use the film in darker colors. We also point out that in order for the silage film to retain its properties, it should be stored in its original packaging. As a result, it will not be exposed to sunlight and contact with mineral fertilizers, lubricants or other substances that may affect its structure and the loss of UV protection.

Technical data

ROLL 500mm / 750mm
Destiny Agricultural foil for haylage
Color White, green, black
Thickness 25 um
Length on a roll of 500mm 1800 mb
Length on a roll of 750mm 1500 mb
Guarantee for UV filter 12 months
Density factor 0,926
Liquidity ratio 1,0
Recommended stretch of film 55-80%
Method of packaging Cardboard
32 items / pallet (750mm rolls)
48 items / pallet (rolls 500mm)
Storage The foil should be stored in a vertical position