Hand stretch film

Hand stretch film is used for hand wrapping of pallets and goods loaded, available in two colors – transparent and black.

The most important attributes of transparent hand film is extensibility from 150% to 180% and the strength that allows it to be used for heavy and irregular loads.

Hand stretch film (black) is 150% to 180% extensibility, and has a good covering ability. It gives opportunity to pack the product in without revealing it outside, and also protects the package from sunlight.

Hand stretch film is a material widely used for packages transport, storing of various types of goods, or securing cartons against scattering.

The additional application is use for households as packaging material. Depending on customer needs, the weight of the rolls may be different. The most commonly produced rolls are 1.5kg, 2.0kg, 2.5kg and 3.0kg.

Due to the many applications of the film and usability, it becam very popular, and still continues to find new fields for use in every industry.