Food wrap

Food wrap has a wide range of applications – not only in the food industry, but also in everyday, domestic use. The food film is ideally suited for storage of food products – it can be packed not only with meat, sausages or fish, but also with fruit, vegetables, bread or other delicatessen products. Its unquestionable advantage is the fact that it protects all kinds of food from drying, thus extending the term of its freshness. What is important – the food foil prevents the penetration of odors from other products and itself is odorless and tasteless.

It is also worth adding that thanks to the fact that it is stretchable and self-adhesive it works perfectly for wrapping products of various shapes, which additionally reduces the amount of air around the product. It also provides the packed products with an appropriate exchange of oxygen and water vapor, thanks to which the products do not undergo the so-called “sweat” the inner side of the film, which also helps to maintain their appropriate gas balance. It is thanks to this that the shelf life of food products gets longer, but also the attractive and aesthetic appearance of them is preserved. In addition, the high transparency of the film makes it possible to identify the packed goods quickly and easily. Its advantage is also the fact that it is extremely resistant to tearing and mechanical damage, but also has a memory effect – the ability to return to its previous shape.

The food wrap is wound on a roll. It is possible to use it manually or using a dispenser. The use of packaging machines makes its use much easier, but also faster, although it is not necessary. Ideally suited to eating out, but also as a food security in the refrigerator, in home conditions. The food film can also be used to wrap the products before they are frozen.

The film is available in a transparent version, in various sizes in terms of width, length and thickness. It is extremely durable, resistant to tearing and durable, but it should be remembered that these properties are preserved only when properly used. During its use, do not use additional fasteners in the form of adhesives or tapes,

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the food film does not contain any artificial harmful substances that could get into the food while in contact with it. The food films in our offer are the best quality products which is confirmed by the PZH certificate for direct contact with food and the declaration of conformity.