Welcome in DominoPack

We are the leading manufacturer of stretch foil and cardboard tubes. We have gained high significant market position by experience and the high technology production line, wich make us more competitive in trade with other companies.

Our customers group still is growing, for them we are developing ourselves, so we can guarantee professional and reliable team of qualified consultants, logistics and technologists.

Our products are highest quality and natural environment safe, because of that we was granted in 2015 year certifications by ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

We invite you to cooperation!

About Us

In the production of stretch foil we specialize since 2010 year, the dynamic development of our company resulted in 2015 by opening a new production line of cardboard tubes which made us an independent producer of finished rolls of stretch film. We purchased highest technology automatic stretch foil scroll machines with many innovative solutions what made us a professional manufacturer and supplier of jumbo stretch foil.

As a stretch foil producer, we support small and large companies. We are able to satisfy the retail customers and the wholesale buyers. In our offer you can find a wide range of our products, including jumbo stretch film, machine film, manual film, cardboard tubes, and many other packaging materials.

We provide sales on our country and whole Europe where we are seen as a respected business partner. The quality of our products are always on the highest position. We build good and long term relationships with our customers, which make big group of satisfied buyers.

In the order to prove our future, we have made steps to achieve the prestigious ISO 9001 Quality Management Certificate and ISO 14001 Environmental Management Safety. This gives us the feeling of comfort and security for our partners.

Our products
Cardboard tubes
Cardboard tubes have a wide range applications on each sector of industry, mostly they are used for winding of various types of materials like: stretch foil, tapes, knitwear, ribbons, paper and many other products...
Air bubble film
Air bubble film is one of the best protective materials used in the packaging and transport industry. Its properties allow you to precisely protect objects...
Packing tape
Packing tape is used extensively in almost every industry. Thanks to it packing items and combining into one unit will be no more sa problem...
PP Tapes
Polypropylene tapes are an ideal alternative to expensive steel strips and are commonly used for packing, small and large things...
Stretch mini wrap
Stretch mini wrap commonly called “grenade” is used to wrap and secure small objects, works great when wraping long objects and using stretch film changeably with packaging tape...
Hand stretch film
Hand stretch film are used for hand wrapping of pallets and cargo on it, available in two colors – transparent and black...
Machine stretch film
Machine stretch film are used for packaging and securing loads, through specially designed to it machine...
Jumbo stretch film
Jumbo film are made by the overflow CAST method, which is characterized by high strength, adhesives and elasticity, that makes it used on almost every industry...

The entrepreneur uses recovery and recycling and is therefore an environmentally friendly company